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UNP Data Science Internship Program: Mastering Data Science & Machine Learning with Python (July-Sept 2023)


The coursework-cum-internship program is specially curated for students to develop skills and expertise in Data Science. The course is suitable for undergrad students (pre-final & final year) and PG students.

Students will gain real-world project experience to turn large volumes of data into actionable business insights using advanced Data Science tools and techniques in Machine Learning. It will provide them the impetus to confidently apply for professional and academic opportunities in the field of Data Science.

  • Learn from a team of expert data science professionals and passionate teachers
  • Most pertinent and up-to-date course content
  • Learn-by-doing with industry relevant capstone project
  • Discussion forum and sessions to immediately resolve doubts and queries
  • Break during college exams
  • UNP Internship certificate for all students who successful complete the capstone projects.

Students will deep dive into the world of data science, learn the necessary skills, techniques, machine learning modules, and methodologies and be able to use tools and libraries to think and work like a data scientist. The course will cover most widely used business applications areas of Data Science and Machine Learning algorithms etc. Additionally, students will become confident in Python programming which is the most widely used programming language for Data Science.


The internship will focus on applying the course learnings on two industry-relevant Data Science projects (I) Regression problem, and (II) Classification problem. Students will work in groups of 3-4, implement all the stages of Data Science on the project datasets, apply Machine Learning algorithms, and perform the analysis. At the end of the project, each team will give project presentation to College faculty members, UNP faculty members, and colleagues. UNP faculties will guide the students through every stage of the internship project.

At the end of the program:
  • Successful students will achieve the required knowledge and skills to jumpstart a successful career in Data Science.
  • Be able to bridge the gap between ‘college to corporate’ and be job-ready. Showcase projects in their resume and confidently present during interviews.
  • The program will also be helpful for students who wish to go for higher studies (M.Sc., M.S., MBA, PhDs).
  • Enhance digital footprints by publishing projects on GitHub and LinkedIn


About UNP

UNP was founded in 2016 by a group of like-minded professionals came together to share their knowledge and experience in Data Analytics, Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Technology with others.

A stepping stone in this journey is empowering the next generation of Analytics professionals with the right knowledge in the field and its Applications. Our mission is to help students build a robust conceptual foundation and deliver application-based learning with curated projects.

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