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Government of Mexico Excellence Scholarships for Foreigners 2023

Deadline: July 21st, 2023

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE), through the Mexican Agency for International Development Cooperation (AMEXCID), summons foreigners interested in studying in Mexico, at the levels of specialty, master’s degree, doctorate and postgraduate research, as well as undergraduate and postgraduate student mobility programs, to participate in the « Call for Excellence Scholarships of the Government of Mexico for Foreigners 2023.

The Call is offered to more than 180 countries, within the framework of bilateral agreements, multilateral mechanisms and special agreements. More than 80 Mexican Higher Education Institutions (IES) participate in this Call and all have academic programs registered in the National Postgraduate System of the National Council of Science and Technology. These programs testify to the progress that the country has made in various areas of the sciences and humanities.

Through the granting of Excellence Scholarships from the Government of Mexico for foreign students, Mexico strengthens its role as an actor with global responsibility and endorses its commitment to foster cooperation actions to promote the formation of high-level human capital.

The presence in Mexico of foreign students, academics and scientists, women and men, contributes to the construction of permanent and long-term dialogue bridges that enrich the foreign policy agenda with actions of exceptional value for the country and for its foreign partners. . Likewise, HEIs and the Mexican academic community benefit from greater internationalization.


  • Applicants must hold a Bachelor’s, Master’s or Ph.D. Degree, as required by the program for which the scholarship is requested. Technical and / or commercial degree titles are not accepted. For the cases of mobility at the Bachelor’s level, it will not be necessary to submit a diploma, only proof of studies of the last academic period completed, issued by the institution of origin.
  • Candidates cannot be living in Mexico at the time of application.
  • Applicants must have achieved a minimum grade point average of
    eighty (80), on a scale of 0 to 100, or the equivalent, for the last academic degree received. Applications with a lower grade point average will not be considered
  • The scholarships are not transferable and cannot be deferred to future years.

Scholarship Benefits

AMEXCID will grant the selected applicants:
1. For Master’s scholarships, mobility at the Bachelor’s and Master’s levels, and Master’s level research, a monthly stipend of 4 (four) times the monthly value of the the Federal Economic Measurement Unit (UMA), currently equivalent to $12,614.80 (Twelve thousand six hundred fourteen pesos and 80/100 M.N.) per month. The UMA is subject to changes established by law. (Stipend is paid in the following month).
2. For Doctoral scholarships and research stays at the doctoral and postdoctoral levels, a monthly stipend of 5 (five) times the monthly value of the UMA, currently equivalent to $15,768.50 (Fifteen thousand seven hundred sixty-eight pesos and 50/100 M.N.). The UMA is subject to changes established by law. (Stipend is paid in the following month).
3. Enrollment and tuition, under the provisions of the program of each Mexican Educational Institution (Annex 1), subject to the final decision of each Institution, issued through their acceptance letter.
4. Medical insurance through the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS). The coverage will begin from the seventh month of the scholarship and will last for a period similar to the scholarship period granted (Annex 2).
5. Payment waiver for issuing the Mexican visa.
6. International air flight transportation upon satisfactory completion of the academic program. AMEXCID will determine the flight route. Please refer to the list of countries to which this benefit is given (Annex 3).
7. National Transportation. If the studies are carried out outside Mexico City, transportation from Mexico City to the host city of the receiving academic institution will be covered, as well as transportation back to Mexico City upon completion of the scholarship period with a satisfactory result of academic activities. Only applicable for national airfare or ground transportation (Annex 4).


  • Publication of the Call May 15, 2023
  • Registration of applications in the SIGCA (Academic Cooperation Management System) / From May 15 to July 21, 2023
  • Review and evaluation of applications From July 24 to August 4, 2023
  • Notification of results to selected candidates From August 7 to 11, 2023
  • Start of activities From September 2023 to December 8, 2023

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