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We are now accepting ads from individuals, organizations and corporation to run on our platforms.

You can run 3 kind of ads on Dixcover Hub:

#1 Banner Ads

You create a simple square graphics (1MB Max) of your business. Banner ads stay on the side bar of our website, and it is accessible on every page. That means all visitors to the site are liable to see the banner. When users click on the banner, it directs them to your desired location. Banner ads stay on the site for a duration of one week. Cost is N5k.


#2 Post Ads.

This advert looks like a blog post. You create a write up about your business or whatever you want to promote, we publish it as a post on our website. The writeup may contain links, graphics, and images as you desire. After we publish it on our website, we distribute the post on all our social media, WhatsApp groups, and telegram group. There’s no time limit for a post ad. It stays on our website forever, except if you desire we take it down. Cost is N10k.

#3 WhatsApp Ad.

You can also run ad on our whatsApp and telegram groups. It will be directly from our groups straight to your desired link. WhatsApp ad can be text or graphics. Cost is 20k.



  • We vet ads very carefully before running them on our platform.
  • We do not run ads that promote the following: LGBTQ, Alcohol, gambling, sex, and ads we consider as non value addition to our audience.
  • Our audience are mostly entrepreneurs, writers, developers, students, marketers, graduates, and freelancers and netpreneurs. Please keep this in mind when creating your ad.



If you’d like to run ad, please contact us on WhatsApp by clicking the following links:

Here or Here